Monday, March 30, 2009

The Way The Fog Moves.

Yesterday Nicci made her first attempt at making vegan broccoli cheddar soup, so half way through making it she realized she didn't have enough soy milk. So I ran to Stop & Shop, the minute I got outside it just seemed "odd". The fog was think and you could almost see it moving in the street lights. There was also a little bit of heat lightning. I get to stop & shop run in, run out. As I'm walking out I can see where spots of rain start coming down across the parking lot, it was like the most epic build up ever, as i'm walking to the car the rain starts coming down harder and faster and over more area until it's a full on assault. I'm leaving the parking lot and massive hail starts smashing down and all the power from the stop and shop to the walgreens which is a good mile and half away went out. I knew something crazy.

I wish I knew more about photography that I can take pictures at night that would match what I'm seeing with my eyes. If that makes any sense.

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