Monday, October 6, 2008

days of hell.

So seriously this fucking sucks!!! I didn't get nearly as far as I was hoping to get on music last night. I have about 66 CDs in so far. This is going to take me forever!!!! The first time I started putting everything on my hard drive I probably had like 200 CDs tops, I also had a part time job where I only worked like 20hrs a week so I had plenty of time to do it.

But since then my CD collection has grown insanely in size. I also have a full time job that I work 40hrs a week. Man!

I did get those 16 CDs up this afternoon that I was supposed to do today. Right now Animal Collective's Strawberry Jam is finishing uploading then I'm onto Animosity's Empires.

I did play with some of my new pedals that came in the mail on thursday! The Boss RV5 is sooooooo much better then the Digitech Digiverb. I shouldn't have been such a cheap bastard and just spent the extra $30 to get it in the first place. Don't get me wrong I still like the Digiverb but the RV5 blows it out of the water. The MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay is awesome it's going to come in handy to make some drones and I love the fact that their is no tail when you shut it off so the sound just stops.

Fat Cat is still with us I'm not sure when the vet is happening.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Drone Phase

Yesterday I picked up a new hard drive. It's only 250G compared to the 320G I had before, but it'd a Western Digital passport so it's small and compact and I don't need to plug it into the wall which means I can take it anywhere!

So in the past two days I've uploaded roughly 50 albums and I'm thinking I'll get about 13 more done tonight before I decide to pack it in. Which means I'll have up to Am finished with alittle bit of An started.

Sold a shitload of stuff on eBay so tomorrow I'll be spending a bit of time at the post office after work.

Other shitty news, I'll probably be taking Fat Cat tomorrow to the vet to be put to sleep. I'm not sure of that yet It may happen on Tuesday before work. I'm thinking Nicci's mom may want to see her before I have to take her.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

drone destroyed.

So yesterday I finally went to Pennsylvania to get my new drivers license. I've only been driving around with an expired one for a month. Anyways upon coming home I'm laying in the bed and it just smells like cat piss. Turns out I think the one cat is dying and just losing functions. So I take the sheets off and febreeze the shit out of the mattress and decided to flip it. As I'm flipping it came down on my external hard drive on the side of the bed and it started making crazy ass noises. So it died on me, the hard drive that is. I don't understand Nicci has pushed me off the bed in the past and i've landed my fat ass right on it and it never did anything, it got buried by garbage and got stepped on by animals and nothing but a mattress destroys it!!!!

So all my music on it is gone. Good thing I'm an avid collector and have my whole collection on a shelf in the basement. It's just going to be a bitch putting it on my new one because this is 5 years plus of intense music buying that needs to go on here. Around 90GB or more

The only advantage is I'll be able to take time and look through booklets and stuff I haven't looked through in a long time and listen to stuff I haven't listened to in years even though they've been on my computer the whole time.