Friday, February 22, 2008

Punk Rock Choir

I've always loved the sound of many voices singing in unison, almost like a chant. I try to recreate it by multilayering my own voice in different keys than drenched with reverb behind the main vocal, but I wish I had the knowledge to actually conduct a small little choir to be able to sing behind some of my songs to make them fuller.

just a thought.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

120 Minutes.

So a week or so ago while browsing the tv guide I noticed vh1 was showing 120 minutes (an awesome video show from mtv way back in the day when they played videos for those who dont know) very late one sunday night. I wasn't able to watch it because nicci doesnt have the tolerance of watching music videos that i do. So anyways I thought to myself HOLY SHIT we pay for the DVR shit for a reason. I set it up to record every episode that comes on, to my suprise monday afternoon TWO episodes had been recorded. In the middle of watching it came to my attention that there is no Matt Pinfield, than at the end of the second episode they played a Hall and Oates song, so now I believe that these are just some "alternative" videos VH1 has laying around that they are showing under the 120minutes name.

ill still watch. they did play some joy division, echo and the bunnymen, sisters of mercy, jesus and mary chain, the church, love and rockets, and shit load of other awesome stuff. a few not so awesome things. whatever as always everything i start writing loses its meaning at the end,

in other awesome news I BOUGHT TICKETS TO SEE BORIS!!!!! on march 4th in NYC!!!!