Tuesday, September 18, 2007

autumn airs rolls in.

it's starting to get too cold to sit on the back steps and play guitar at night. I'm not complaining about the weather because I love this season just stating a fact.

I feel like I've been working two jobs this last week, I go to work from 6am to 2pm monday through friday doing alot of Prep for our inventory this sunday. It's not my normal work schedule then I come home take care of the dog get alittle rest then go over to the house and work on painting some more, I'm getting pretty exhausted and its only 3 days into it. The living room and bathroom should be complete now so tomorrow im pulling up the tarps and putting all the fixture covers back up and thursday we'll move some of the living room stuff over. Tomorrow matt and i are going to do the bedrooms, then all thats left is the kitchen and the hallway.

Oh on top of all this I leave for California monday morning I'll be coming back Thursday night at midnightish so its really more like friday morning, So I need to pack up everything because we're having movers come on that saturday more then likely!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

a day for holes.

so in a freak accident with a roll of tape i put a hole in my right sneaker and nearly took off my big toe. later on the drive home i noticed a hole in the left knee of one of my favorite pair of AE jeans!!! which means tomorrow after work im going to buy new sneakers and a new pair of jeans woo!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Upcoming Shopping List

Things for the studio needed:

Behringer ADA8000 Ultragain Pro-8 A/D/A Converter - $249.99
ART TPS II 2-Channel Variable Impedance Tube Preamp - $179.99
ART TPS II 2-Channel Variable Impedance Tube Preamp - $179.99
Behringer HA4700 POWERPLAY PRO Headphone Amp - $109.99
M-Audio StudioPro 3 Desktop Audio Monitors - $99.99
AKG K 55 Headphones - $29.99
AKG K 55 Headphones - $29.99
AKG K 55 Headphones - $29.99
AKG K 55 Headphones - $29.99
AV Link 49' 8-Channel XLR Female-XLR Male Stage Snake - $89.99
AV Link 49' 8-Channel XLR Female-XLR Male Stage Snake - $89.99

so i'm looking at spending $1,119.89 and this not even including extra cables im going to need, a desk, a few more mic stands, more memory for my computer and more mics!!!!!! my year end bonus is hopefully going to be banging.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

drone/pro tools sessions/random stuff

So Ive found that through out the last 8 years that Ive been recording my own music that I go through spurts where I'm feeling really creative and I get alot of work done, and then theres times where I just dont do anything. AND then there's the in between time where I'm just so bored I record just for something to do. When I look in my pro tools sessions I can usually tell what period of creativity I was in by the number of actual tracks each song has. The creative period usually has like 32 tracks, the in between usually has been 2 and 6 tracks. Tonight was one of those nights where I felt like going back and listening to things in my "Random Stuff" folder. I hate listening back to these sometimes because I feel like I start doing stuff sooooo right but I never expand on it or it falls apart, and then the worst part of it is I can't really remember how to play some of 95% of this stuff because its not like the creative period where I sit around programming drums and playing along and working on the same song for a few days getting all the parts right, I just set up mics and go to town playing whatever I feel. yet again another post i had a clear destination until I started writing it and i forgot.

im listening to THE GREAT ANNIHILATOR by Swans right now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


so its been raining for about 4 days straight, but ill take this weather over a ninetyeight degree summer day anyday. i love being able to wear my hoodie.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fucking Ebay

So I've been waiting a week and a half for these two cds to come from this guy and today i check my email he refunded my money through paypal and he only said "the item was damaged. sorry!" if it was damaged why even list it in the first place?! atleast i got my money back.

im on a quest to get a SF-2 Super Distortion Feedbacker from boss definitely needs to be part of my rig

im also working on getting a list together of bands and what albums/eps i need to finish their discographies. I'm not going to get crazy into all the various singles. Only studio recordings and essential live stuff such as peel sessions. there is no point to getting greatest hits if you buy all the other cds.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


so the job is sending me to california at the end of september im pretty pumped. i want to get my tattoo done really soon! i think im going to have my sister find out when he is opened next.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

life goals.

so i think why i wake up everyday hating life is because i dont have any life goals. so i thought about it before I die i'd love to go to chicago and record an EP that was engineered by Steve Albini. but then when I went to bed and woke up I thought its not such a good idea because i tend to like recording on my own time and having everything at my control sooooooo no life goal again.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

it can never be like it was.

my whole life ive had reaccuring dreams, and its not the same one its a few different ones. The most recent of these happens to involve me packing up my apartment in florida and saying goodbye to my friends a few nights before i move back to pennsylvania. Im completely crippled by sadness. Even to this day i tell everyone how much i want to move back to florida, but in all reality i know its just a part of me that still remembers how great it was living there. Circumstances are different now though the only person there from the old gang is sean, jigga, and a few of the people associated with her. I wouldnt be in school. I have a girlfriend. Id need a steady job to pay for everything, the band wouldnt be back together because mark luke and bob wouldnt be there. i live too much in the past and im always trying to recreate it.

this post was going somewhere but i lost it.

Friday, August 3, 2007

i'm an old dude. and other stuff.

my alarm clock stopped working so i had to go buy a new one. As i was setting it up tonight i thought to myself, even though its practically the same model as the old one the slight changes are enough to piss me off. And that's where i realized im an old dude first mistake was getting the same exact thing model as the last one shows im set in my ways, then complaining that its not the same way! i wish it broke while i was on vaction two weeks ago so i couldve gotten used it. Wonder how many times im going to be late to work this week.

Vibraphone (sp)

i have no idea how to play any of these but I want to try, so if you have any lying around or know someone who does, and would like to donate or sell to me for a decent price let me know. i think if i learn how to play them they can add some fun layers to the stuff im writing right now.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Today's trip to vintage vinyl.

Some things I purchased today

The Sugarcubes - The Complete Studio Albums boxset
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (used)
Morphine - Cure For Pain
Red House Painters - Red House Painters I
Red House Painters - Red House Painters II
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Kaleidoscope (Remaster)
Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Scream (Remaster)
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (used)
Antarctica - 23:03 EP (used)

im really rediscovering music from the late 70s through early 90s that I couldn't have been into at the time because I was either too young or not even born yet. The Beach Boys and Pink Floyd cds are albums I knew I should own, but I really didnt want to pay full price for them, so I've waited all this time until I could find them used.