Monday, March 30, 2009

The Way The Fog Moves.

Yesterday Nicci made her first attempt at making vegan broccoli cheddar soup, so half way through making it she realized she didn't have enough soy milk. So I ran to Stop & Shop, the minute I got outside it just seemed "odd". The fog was think and you could almost see it moving in the street lights. There was also a little bit of heat lightning. I get to stop & shop run in, run out. As I'm walking out I can see where spots of rain start coming down across the parking lot, it was like the most epic build up ever, as i'm walking to the car the rain starts coming down harder and faster and over more area until it's a full on assault. I'm leaving the parking lot and massive hail starts smashing down and all the power from the stop and shop to the walgreens which is a good mile and half away went out. I knew something crazy.

I wish I knew more about photography that I can take pictures at night that would match what I'm seeing with my eyes. If that makes any sense.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank Whomever That I'm Lazy

Friday night while we were at the movies, my mom called and left a message saying that my sister was in Germany and that they would be picking her up around 4pm in Philadelphia the next day. I thought to myself "I have Saturday & Sunday off from work, Philly is only an hour and half away maybe I should surprise them." But when I woke up Saturday morning I really didn't feel like doing anything, Later on I called my mom and she told me that when my sister landed in Atlanta at 9am that the USO helped get her on an earlier flight so they ended up picking her up from Philly at 1 in the afternoon, which would've been the time I would've left to go to Philly. Yesterday had the potential to be a FMYLIFE moment. I could see it now "hey what gate is she coming out of?" followed by mom's response of "we got her three hours ago and we are home now"

This morning at 630am I got a call from a "private number" so I decided to pick it up. It was followed by a young female voice making a rooster sound followed by the word motherfucker! i kinda loled, it was a clever prank call. I kinda wish I knew who did it not because I'm mad but to tell them how clever it was.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Off This Century

My dreams can be weird, they usually involve places from my past but I'm there at my current age and the other characters are usually people close to me in my present life.
They tend to flow through each other like a playlist, but the other night it all took place in one spot.

I was back working at the McDonald's I worked at when I was 16 years old. I remember how to assemble all the sandwiches, being that I had probably done them all a few hundred times over the 2 1/2 years I worked there. I kept burning shit in the fryers and I was not moving fast at all, which was something you needed to do. I was getting yelled at the whole time by all my former managers who still work there to this day.

It was just weird, I dunno.

I'm finally getting around to putting more of my CD collection on my computer, and Daubert came through and got me Andy's number so I can finally start getting more of my arm finished. I'm not going to call him up until after I get my tax return.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Take Your Time

I was in a very weird mood today when I came home from work. Kinda bummed to the core and kind of energetic and motivated at the same time. So I decided to clean up the kitchen alittle bit and do some dishes. After that I thought I'm actually going to get some recording done and add the layers I have been hearing in my head for a few days now.

Up first I redid my vocal parts completely for the song "Oh Pennsylvania, Your Black Clouds Hang Low" and did much better this time I recorded a close mic on the squier amp I was screaming through and room mic that picked up my non-effected voice but also picked up the distortion in the distance from the amp. I decided to just go with the room mic track.

After that I have been thinking about adding more live percussion to the song "Memories You'll Never Feel Again" (which if you check the myspace page is the song "Their Frail Waltz") But I just wasn't getting the sound from the Toms that I wanted so I scratched that idea. I also unmuted the vocal track that is practically not even there, but I know it's there so that's what matters. I also added an additional synth line to the swell at the end that goes into the quiet part, I want to make an EQ adjustment right where it begins the quiet ending so it almost sounds like a mellotron. If I can I want to assemble a small choir for serious for the ending of the song to follow the guitar/rhodes/synth melody that is playing while it swells. I believe this is because I listened to "Dark Side of the Moon" like a million times last week.

The album is pretty much done when I finish that and do the "cassette" opening to the album and I'm being one hundred percent serious this time around, I haven't added or taken away any songs in the past few months I've been working with the same 7 songs I've just switched the sequence of the album up slightly.

The kid upstairs was playing his marching snare today I could hear it clear as day in the basement while recording. I came upstairs to get something it sounded like he had a bucket turned upside down for a tom and a kick pedal up against the well, I sure as hell hope he had a practice pad up or those walls are fucked.

I'm feeling more down now, all the energy and motivation are kind of gone. Just hanging out in the living room now listening to some jams until nicci gets home.

I need to put together a list of the new releases that came out this year that I have yet to pick up, I also need to start adding more CDs to my hard drive I'm getting bored of the music I have on here.

I find out on April 9th what is up with my job. That's all for now.