Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank Whomever That I'm Lazy

Friday night while we were at the movies, my mom called and left a message saying that my sister was in Germany and that they would be picking her up around 4pm in Philadelphia the next day. I thought to myself "I have Saturday & Sunday off from work, Philly is only an hour and half away maybe I should surprise them." But when I woke up Saturday morning I really didn't feel like doing anything, Later on I called my mom and she told me that when my sister landed in Atlanta at 9am that the USO helped get her on an earlier flight so they ended up picking her up from Philly at 1 in the afternoon, which would've been the time I would've left to go to Philly. Yesterday had the potential to be a FMYLIFE moment. I could see it now "hey what gate is she coming out of?" followed by mom's response of "we got her three hours ago and we are home now"

This morning at 630am I got a call from a "private number" so I decided to pick it up. It was followed by a young female voice making a rooster sound followed by the word motherfucker! i kinda loled, it was a clever prank call. I kinda wish I knew who did it not because I'm mad but to tell them how clever it was.

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