Monday, July 21, 2008

Updated 2007 Best of List

Well more than half of 2008 is over so I decided to take a little bit of time and take a look at my top albums of 2007. So 7 months later this is what it would look like.

10. The Locust - New Erections (ANTI-)
Last Position on List: n/a
So I have no idea how I didn't even list this as an honorable mention! I think it just left my mind or who knows! This is one of thee best Locust albums, on "Plague Soundscapes" they started slowing the songs down, but this is where they perfected it. I remember getting it and sitting in the parking lot to the mall because it was a massive blizzard outside and I waited for Nicci to get off work so I could drive her home, From the first track I knew this would be different. Sludgy as fuck. Long Songs. Great Record.

09. The Austerity Program - Black Madonna (Hydra Head)
Last Position on List: #7
So there's no real reason that this album has slipped on my list other than the ones above it I listened to alot more. But this is still an awesome, heavy and challenging album. These two are dedicated from the time they spent building the studio they recorded the album in to the time they spent programming the insane drums on this album.

08. Low - Drums & Guns (Sub Pop)
Last Position on List: #1
Still another amazing album, although I just feel as the year went on their were other albums on my list that took a more definitive grasp. This is them still challenging themselves to try and break away from the typical Low, much like "The Great Destroyer" did.

07. Nicole Atkins - Neptune City (Red Ink)
Last Position on List: n/a
I debated for awhile wether or not I was going to include this album the first time around seeing that it came out 10/30/2007 and I really didn't even pick it up until maybe the end of November sometime so I didn't have that much time with it. I remember being at work when this album came in, just looked some singer/songwriter girls album that'll disappear in a few months and no one will ever speak her name again, Britten brought it to my attention and I decided to buy it on a whim and because it was so cheap with my employee discount. HOLY SHIT! was this album amazing. Reminded me heavily of Phil Spector albums of the 60s. The vocal melodies are soothing and the songs are just down right epic at times. I spent a solid two weeks in January where this CD did not leave the CD player in my car.

06. Liars - Liars (Mute)
Last Position on List: n/a
Man this album blew my mind when I heard it, at the time of the last list I thought long and hard about it but for some reason that I can't even remember I excluded it. The production and the songs are just way out there. Best opening track ever. If I'm driving and listening to this album most of the time is spent thumping along on my steering wheel.

05. Ulver - Shadows of the Sun (The End)
Last Position on the List: n/a
I think why this album didn't make it was I really just wasn't all that into it when it first came out. I mean I thought it was alright but nothing seriously amazing. That really changed over time, this album has one of thee best flows ever and the vocal melodies too just make me want to float away. Way better than their black metal stuff.

04. Crippled Black Phoenix - A Love of Shared Disasters (Invada)
Last Position on List: #5
Still the same description as before I still feel like I've been listening to this album for the last ten years.

03. Pygmy Lush - Bitter End (Robotic Empire)
Last Position on List: #6
This album is so calming, and really makes me want to make music of my own.

02. Ghastly City Sleep - Ghastly City Sleep (Robotic Empire)
Last Position on List: #9
I don't think I've wanted to listen to a new album as much as I want to listen to this one ALL the time. I want to listen to while I'm sleeping, while I'm driving, and everything else in between then when the 4 tracks end I want to play them over again.

01. Wolves in the Throne Room - Two Hunters (Southern Lord)
Last Position on List: #4
Same as the Ghastly City Sleep, I just want more music from this band! The 2xLP version is on its way to my house with an all new track plus and extended ambient intro to The Cleansing. I'm so excited. I was really bummed out that they dropped off the Boris/Torche tour.

stuff that was taken off the list.

Jesu - Conqueror. I listened to it twice the week I was making my list and really thought It should be on there, but let's be honest it's not nearly as good as s/t or the silver ep.

Pig Destroyer - Phantom Limb. still an honorable mention just like mention above just other albums just started to mean more to me. Plus i'm feeling that Pig Destroyer could be a crossover band for nu metal mall metal assholes. Granted its still their best release yet.

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible. I haven't listened to this album nearly enough for it to be worth the number 3 spot. It still is good and it definitely grew on me over time, I just don't know if it stuck with me, The best song on the album is a remake of a song from their first ep. so whatever.

Oxbow - The Narcotic Story. read the phantom limb description. it explains alot.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the kids are on fire, in the basement.

so it's been nearly a solid month since i've last blogged. i think sometimes about things i want to write about but i never actually do it. this is also happening alot with the writing process for the cd. i've been playing guitar and drums alot and have things written i just never get around to setting up the mics and recording them.

ive been on vaction for the last few days, I spent wednesday night in philly, thursday night in NYC and friday i drove to boston. All three nights i saw Boris/Torche & Clouds, it was awesome. I should have pics up soon. I didn't bring my camera in the third night, the show was too good anyways too busy rocking out to take pictures.

i waited to get some merch until friday night and they were sold out of everything i wanted, and that shit is completely sold out. fuck.

Ever since coming home ive been feeling really restless sitting around. I just need to do something, but it always comes down to me not doing anything about it.

I really don't feel like going back to work on wednesday.