Monday, October 6, 2008

days of hell.

So seriously this fucking sucks!!! I didn't get nearly as far as I was hoping to get on music last night. I have about 66 CDs in so far. This is going to take me forever!!!! The first time I started putting everything on my hard drive I probably had like 200 CDs tops, I also had a part time job where I only worked like 20hrs a week so I had plenty of time to do it.

But since then my CD collection has grown insanely in size. I also have a full time job that I work 40hrs a week. Man!

I did get those 16 CDs up this afternoon that I was supposed to do today. Right now Animal Collective's Strawberry Jam is finishing uploading then I'm onto Animosity's Empires.

I did play with some of my new pedals that came in the mail on thursday! The Boss RV5 is sooooooo much better then the Digitech Digiverb. I shouldn't have been such a cheap bastard and just spent the extra $30 to get it in the first place. Don't get me wrong I still like the Digiverb but the RV5 blows it out of the water. The MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay is awesome it's going to come in handy to make some drones and I love the fact that their is no tail when you shut it off so the sound just stops.

Fat Cat is still with us I'm not sure when the vet is happening.

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