Wednesday, December 3, 2008

fall is almost over so i'll catch no one up to speed.

I read back on the last few posts I made over two months ago, and my lazy ass hasn't gotten much further on the whole uploading my entire CD collection thing. I finished uploading all of B a few days ago and started on maybe two tops of my C collection, now today I resume, because honestly I'm sick of listening to what I have from A to B.

According to my iTunes A - B contains 336 Albums and takes up 13.95G of memory on my hard drive.

Some other stuff happened besides uploading CDs. Nicci and I drove to Orlando for Halloween, the gases prices started going down extremely low a week or two before we left which made it alittle easier on my wallet. The cheapest we saw it while driving was $2.05 near Savannah. It was a pretty relaxing vacation we did a park or two, and seriously spent alot of time chilling at Nicky's on her coach watching TV.

Although I've been pretty much stressing about the election for the last year and a half, I spent most of October going insane, while in Florida there were was McCain/Palin everywhere I looked. I hadn't really been out of the area much so I couldn't really gauge how the rest of the country was feeling and when I saw all that in Florida I became extremely worried to the point I was giving myself panic attacks all the way up to the night of the election. (wow what a run-on sentence.)

So I'm pretty excited about Obama I hope he can pull off some of the things he has promised to change. It's funny because I totally called the fact that he was going to offer Hilliary the Secretary of State position. I bet that was the plan all along.

Saw Boris again in November, and I'm definitely missing them tonight because I am extremely broke. I swore I would do my christmas shopping early this year but I've been scrambling to get it done over the last few weeks. With the economy sucking so bad I haven't worked any overtime this year, like I had the last 3 years. So I've put up some gear that has been kinda wasting space up on ebay, once it sells I can catch up on some bills.

That is all for now I'm putting together my end of the year favorite albums list. So look for that soon.

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