Saturday, August 4, 2007

it can never be like it was.

my whole life ive had reaccuring dreams, and its not the same one its a few different ones. The most recent of these happens to involve me packing up my apartment in florida and saying goodbye to my friends a few nights before i move back to pennsylvania. Im completely crippled by sadness. Even to this day i tell everyone how much i want to move back to florida, but in all reality i know its just a part of me that still remembers how great it was living there. Circumstances are different now though the only person there from the old gang is sean, jigga, and a few of the people associated with her. I wouldnt be in school. I have a girlfriend. Id need a steady job to pay for everything, the band wouldnt be back together because mark luke and bob wouldnt be there. i live too much in the past and im always trying to recreate it.

this post was going somewhere but i lost it.

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