Tuesday, September 18, 2007

autumn airs rolls in.

it's starting to get too cold to sit on the back steps and play guitar at night. I'm not complaining about the weather because I love this season just stating a fact.

I feel like I've been working two jobs this last week, I go to work from 6am to 2pm monday through friday doing alot of Prep for our inventory this sunday. It's not my normal work schedule then I come home take care of the dog get alittle rest then go over to the house and work on painting some more, I'm getting pretty exhausted and its only 3 days into it. The living room and bathroom should be complete now so tomorrow im pulling up the tarps and putting all the fixture covers back up and thursday we'll move some of the living room stuff over. Tomorrow matt and i are going to do the bedrooms, then all thats left is the kitchen and the hallway.

Oh on top of all this I leave for California monday morning I'll be coming back Thursday night at midnightish so its really more like friday morning, So I need to pack up everything because we're having movers come on that saturday more then likely!

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