Friday, August 3, 2007

i'm an old dude. and other stuff.

my alarm clock stopped working so i had to go buy a new one. As i was setting it up tonight i thought to myself, even though its practically the same model as the old one the slight changes are enough to piss me off. And that's where i realized im an old dude first mistake was getting the same exact thing model as the last one shows im set in my ways, then complaining that its not the same way! i wish it broke while i was on vaction two weeks ago so i couldve gotten used it. Wonder how many times im going to be late to work this week.

Vibraphone (sp)

i have no idea how to play any of these but I want to try, so if you have any lying around or know someone who does, and would like to donate or sell to me for a decent price let me know. i think if i learn how to play them they can add some fun layers to the stuff im writing right now.

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