Tuesday, August 28, 2007

drone/pro tools sessions/random stuff

So Ive found that through out the last 8 years that Ive been recording my own music that I go through spurts where I'm feeling really creative and I get alot of work done, and then theres times where I just dont do anything. AND then there's the in between time where I'm just so bored I record just for something to do. When I look in my pro tools sessions I can usually tell what period of creativity I was in by the number of actual tracks each song has. The creative period usually has like 32 tracks, the in between usually has been 2 and 6 tracks. Tonight was one of those nights where I felt like going back and listening to things in my "Random Stuff" folder. I hate listening back to these sometimes because I feel like I start doing stuff sooooo right but I never expand on it or it falls apart, and then the worst part of it is I can't really remember how to play some of 95% of this stuff because its not like the creative period where I sit around programming drums and playing along and working on the same song for a few days getting all the parts right, I just set up mics and go to town playing whatever I feel. yet again another post i had a clear destination until I started writing it and i forgot.

im listening to THE GREAT ANNIHILATOR by Swans right now.

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