Monday, January 26, 2009


So we have new neighbors moving upstairs, It's going to be horrible. They consistently park in the middle of the driveway, they aren't even supposed to be in the driveway. Tonight they moved alot of big stuff in and asked if they could get in the garage but part of the agreement is that they don't have access to the garage, so they left a washer and refrigerator on the porch and LEFT for the night!!! They were there for 2 days, now they've moved them from the porch to practically the front yard. They are fat and the ceiling shakes when they walk up and down the hall. Two Nights in a row they began moving stuff into the house at 1230am! Also at night now the room above ours has a dehumidifier or something on and there is a low annoying hum we only hear in our room. Also today when watching TV, they were watching TV soo loud we could hear perfect dialog over our movie. Fuck this.

Today felt like a productive day off ontop of all the things that I've mentioned above. I opened up Pro Tools for the first time since November 8th 2008. I worked on 3 new mixes for some the songs for the album. I thought I was finished with it, but I need to fix a few things, sorry Britten.

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