Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So I'm strolling through the grocery store last night, I come across the "pharmacy" type aisle to find condoms on the top shelf in LOCK UP cases. The same type we use at work to lock up high price items like digital cameras, video games hardware, higher priced software, etc!!!!! since when do condoms need to be in lock up cases?!?!?! So now if you're a young guy or girl and still alittle wierded out with purchasing them in public (which you need to get over and just do it!) you can't just go to nice convienent self check out lanes, and get the fuck out of there without anyone knowing your business. You have to go to a register see one cashier who will probably send you over to the customer service desk to use a magnet to unlock it, what a fucking hassle!!!! kids arent going to want to do that especially if its a small town and word gets around fast! fuck man!

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