Thursday, March 20, 2008

2008 Goals Update!

It's been just alittle over 2 months since I wrote my "Goals of 2008" so I think I'll give an update.

01. See my Pennsylvania Family more.
I guess this has happened, I was only in PA once since than but I only saw my sister Cyndi. I did however see my parents on a view occassions when they came out here, although they were on bad terms. I'd say this is been a failure so far.

02. Get tattooed.
Check!!, but sssshhhhh!

03. Finish writing Planning for Burial album.
Nowhere near complete, but I'm making more progress. Still failing this goal as well.

04. Start a real band.
Kinda started all the people are in the right places, schedules are alittle shitty right now, it'll get there.

05. Play solo show.
Fail! I have some plans on how I can do this, but there will be much practice needed before it can happen.

06. Rebuild the stratocaster.
Got some new pick ups. Waiting on warmer weather so I can finish sanding outside, than begin painting.

07. Go to Princeton Music Exchange.
HUGE FAILURE!!! Thanks to Ebay!!!!

08. Don't go to the beach.
Can't be measured at this time still too cold for anyone to really think about it.

09. Ride more rollercoasters.
again, still too cold for anyone to really think about it.

10. Save Money.

11. Get in shape.
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FAILURE. I was on good track but right around when Poppa Oh passed away I gave up. I really need to get on this.

12. Listen to CDs I've purchased in the last few years.
yeah this is going pretty good. I'm kinda bored with music other than the music I own.

13. Nicci Less Antisocial.
not happening right now.

14. Be more sweet.
I have my days.

Yeah it's pretty safe to say I'm failing pretty hard.

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