Monday, May 18, 2009

Pattern Against User.

I feel like I need a hobby that doesn't revolve around spending money.

Playing music requires money because at any given time there is a pedal, amp, or other random toys that I would like to add to my set up. These things I want are not cheap.

I still fully believe in purchasing music, I'm a pack rat, I like having the liner notes, the full discography, something tangible. Therefore I spend a good amount of my time in used CD shops, You would think this would save me money, but I never pick up things off a specific list, I grab things I've heard of or have alittle bit of knowledge about. This leads to new discoveries then the endless research starts all over again, what releases are worth getting, what other bands sound like this that are worth getting.

Vinyl has become so much more expensive then it was when I first started getting vinyl when I was 16, mainly because everyone wants their releases on vinyl now so the whole supply and demand thing comes into play. It is true packaging has come along way, and it does take a small fortune for the labels to put these out, and I appreciate every bit of it. I just don't have the income to keep up with it. At times I feel like I should sell off my collection and keep only the real important things, but anything of value really worth selling off are the ones I want to keep. So what's the point of selling them off anyways.

If only I could have a job that the income was great enough to never have to worry if the bills are getting paid on time, and enough extra to easily decide on a saturday off from work that I should pick up that Electro Harmonix POG without buyers regret. Also enough time to fully enjoy all of these things would be nice to go along with that job as well.

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