Tuesday, April 28, 2009

better to die on our feet, than on our knees

So I got a twitter. Oh well. It's good for all the quick rants that I try to do here but can never really bring full circle.

In the beginning of the month we were told that they would be merging three positions at work into one position and that we would find out which of the three of us got the job. Monday we found out my position was eliminated and I didnt get the combined spot. I didn't lose my job but I did take a $5 an hour pay cut. I'll be hurting come next March, when I no longer get the lump sum difference they are paying me.

I guess it's time I figure out what I really want to do with my life, again.

I finished rebuilding my stratocaster today. I need to get new machine heads though, and I still need to mess with the intonation alittle bit more.

The X-Men Animated Series Volume 1 & 2 came out on DVD! I'm very excited this was my absolute favorite cartoon growing up so far I'm about 4 episodes into the first disc!

My car went into the shop last night, it decided to die on me while half way to princeton, but luckily I have another 400 miles left on my warranty.

I haven't finished the fuzz pedal yet, I have a ground problem I think I just need a new piece of veroboard so I can start over. I was able to get the bypass right, but once the circuit is engaged there is no sound. Maybe this weekend I'll work on that a bit.

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