Monday, June 9, 2008


Holy shit it's been hot outside the last three or so days! Saturday Nicci and I drove to Philly for the Kurt Halsey opening at the Art Star. It was a good time, Nicci bought an orginial and a print, and I also bought her a print. We have to go back the 2nd or 3rd week of July to pick up the painting. We ate a a place called Soy Cafe across the street and had "chicken" wraps. It seems any time we are out of town we always eat vegetarian or vegan food and LOVE IT. we should get a cook book or something and start eating home more.

PFB Update:
I have a few more songs recorded but I think they threw the whole feel of the album I was going for off. So just as I thought I was coming close to finishing the damn thing I continue working on it more and more and more. It'll more then likely NEVER! come out.

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