Thursday, May 22, 2008

the problem with music buying public.

So yesterday I get bored and decide to run over to the Holmdel store, and look around their CD section to see what they have that my store doesn't. Upon getting there I see a kid that only works there over the summer that I haven't seen since I left their last year and start talking to him. Out of nowhere some guy walks over with a CD and asks Steve "What does "unplugged" mean?" I kind look at the guy like he can't be serious. So Steve explains it and you can tell the guy just doesn't get it. Fast forward 5 minutes, The guy comes back up to Steve who is talking to me as I look at CDs and comes up with the Alicia Key's album "Songs in A Minor" and askes him "What does "Songs in A Minor mean?" I almost lose it I stare the guy in the face and give him a look like he is thee most retarded human being ever. He had no idea that it was the title of the album. This is what fucking mp3's and itunes has done! People need to get back to buying albums.

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