Friday, April 25, 2008


Dear Blogspot,

Not a whole lot has really gone on in my life in the last few weeks, I've spent WAAAAAAAAAAYY too much money on vinyl lately, but I got some awesome shit I'll post a list later, still waiting on a bunch of it to come in the mail. Got my tickets for Earth/Kayo Dot show on May 6th in NY, britten and I are going it should be awesome.

Went to Pennsylvania on monday night, saw YGGR/Monotonix/An Albatross at the Metro, it was pretty rad I guess, then I woke up and hit up the used CD sections of the valley's Gallery of Sounds. Found a bunch of rad shit, plus in the vinyl section found a Khanate - Thing Viral still sealed thats probably been sitting in the store since 2003. The real reason for the PA trip besides seeing the family, was VOTING!!! Went out to support the Obama didnt win, but still got some delegates woooo for that. Drove past the Hiliary office and yelled OBAMA! at all the old ladies holding signs that read: HONK FOR HILIRAY. Tried to get a shirt from the Obama office but they didnt have any so I grabbed a bunch of stickers.

Today Boris announced their North American Summer tour so I took my vaction around the time they will be on the east coast. If you want to chill I'll be at these shows.
07/08 - Black Cat, Washington DC
07/09 - First Unitarian, Philadelpha PA
07/10 - Webster Hall, New York NY
07/11 - Middle East, Cambridge MA

i'm thinking i may have some free demos with me on the trip that'll have a song or two from the full lenght, noise piece, an alternate version and maybe even a cover. if i have any left over I'll probably sell them for like $2PPD off my myspace.

recent albums i can't seem to put down, Torche Meandrathal, The Microphones The Glow pt2 - reissue

thanks to the none of you, that is all

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