Friday, January 11, 2008

Goals for 2008

or just somethings that if I happen to do it'll be pretty rad.

01. See my family in Pennsylvania more, proving they don't shune me for getting my WHOLE arm done (see below.). I believe this will help me not feel so detached from everything when the holidays come next year.
02. Get tattooed. The timing just wasn't right last year, with special business trips, the holidays and all.
03. Finish writing the Planning for Burial album I started during the last week of December 2006. Kinda sucks that I've only opened Pro Tools once since moving into the new house and that was way back in September, but I did get a working 4 track and I've been playing with demo ideas with it.
04. Start a REAL band, play shows, record a cd, tour Japan!
05. Play a solo show or two of improv drone/noise as Planning for Burial
06. Rebuild the stratocaster, that has been sitting in corners around the country since I broke it when I was 17yrs old. Yes I started the project in 2007 BUT it will be completed in 2008!
07. Go to the Princeton Music Exchange. I've lived in NJ for almost 3 years and every year I've talked about going but I have yet to go.
08. Don't go the beach! That's fucking right I'm not from NJ I'm an import, I hate the sun I hate sand I hate the shitty green water and all that swims in it.
09. Ride more rollercoasters. I haven't been on one since summer of 2006 thats way too long ago.
10. Save some money, don't just waste whatever is left after paying bills on fast food and shit. CDs are okay!
11. Get in shape. This really should be near the top but its not in any real order. I've cut out soda unless I'm out to eat, which is a rarity anymore. No fast food, No red meat or pork. oh and bring the total gym over.
12. Listen to cds I've bought in the last 3 years but only gave a spin or two.
13. Get Nicci to not be so antisocial. Life is short lets have fun.
14. Take Nicci to the movies more. Be sweet in general.

there will be more. there will be blood.

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