Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kitchen Songs.

I've given myself a deadline for "Leaving" to be finished. It might get me to actually finish it. I have on song left. There is something different about the way I've done this one. Usually there are no "demo" versions of songs, because I usually write/play and loop parts over a few weeks or months live then record the basic ideas that came from messing around, these become the scratch session or the base coat. Then I spend the next few weeks, months or even in some cases years going back to the sessions to layer or subtract.

So the last song on "Leaving" was written in a day or two while playing around with some loops I recorded a quick version with basic melody, some lyrics and some ideas for layers, I sat and listened to it for a week or so and decided I want to build it from the ground up again, so essentially it has become the first "demo".

I've also been spending quite a bit of time playing acoustic guitar in my kitchen. I like what I have been playing, it might be the wide open space and the tile floor that gives it a different vibe. I've also been writing in more "song" friendly structures. So these few jams might eventually make up the quiet 7" i've been planning for awhile. For the songs to actually have the feel it needs I'll probably do most of the tracking in my kitchen, with maybe some overdubs done in the dungeon. It'll be real basic, acoustic guitar, vocals, organ, maybe some percussion. I may even record it to my 4 track cassette recorder if I ever get a new adapter for it.

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