Tuesday, September 16, 2008

its been nearly two months...

Since I've written anything in here. So let's see some random things that have happened....

I'm not longer in my temporary management position at the store, and my bank account has been suffering since. This has only been for maybe the last month or so not the whole two months. Alot of this could be because of my addiction to PREX as of late.

Thought I was FINALLY finished with the album, but after listening to it for a week or two in my car very closely each day I drove to work, I really feel that it needs some tinkering and fine tuning, with the sequencing and the songs that were on it in general.

I lodged a penny in my steering wheel column, like I did with guitar picks in my last car. The only difference is that my last car didn't have an airbag, my new one does. So the going joke right now is that I'm going to get into a 5mph fender bender freak accident that is going to set off the airbag sending the penny to impale my skull which will be the death of me. Kind of a morbid joke I know lol. Best part about this is like a week or two after this happened it happened! I got into a 5 mph but it didn't set the airbag off thank god!! Just left a little frown looking cut into my front bumper.

I tend to think of alot of things I want to write on here during the day, but when I get home and can have time to do that I've either forgot or I'm just too lazy. I think I'm going to start carrying a notepad around with me so I can scribble some stuff down.

Still no pictures from the Boris shows because I have lost my camera in the mess of the house somewhere. When I find it i'll upload them.

Next week I'll be in Dallas TX from Monday until Friday. I come home for two weeks, then I go to Orlando FL for an extended weekend for Sean's wedding (which I'll be going to alone since it seems everyone else is bailing because of money issues.) Then two weeks after that I go to Orlando FL for a week with Nicci for Halloween!

I'll keep all none of you posted!

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