Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the kids are on fire, in the basement.

so it's been nearly a solid month since i've last blogged. i think sometimes about things i want to write about but i never actually do it. this is also happening alot with the writing process for the cd. i've been playing guitar and drums alot and have things written i just never get around to setting up the mics and recording them.

ive been on vaction for the last few days, I spent wednesday night in philly, thursday night in NYC and friday i drove to boston. All three nights i saw Boris/Torche & Clouds, it was awesome. I should have pics up soon. I didn't bring my camera in the third night, the show was too good anyways too busy rocking out to take pictures.

i waited to get some merch until friday night and they were sold out of everything i wanted, and that shit is completely sold out. fuck.

Ever since coming home ive been feeling really restless sitting around. I just need to do something, but it always comes down to me not doing anything about it.

I really don't feel like going back to work on wednesday.

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